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A New Approach to Employee Health, Productivity & Benefits

Employees with untreated ADHD in the US:

Missed 8.7 additional works days per year

Lost 22 days of productivity per year

18 x more likely to be disciplined for "behavior problems"


60% more likely to lose their jobs

Earned $5,000 - $10,000 less per year


$87-$138 billion/year in lost income & productivity

Why Envision ADHD for employees?

Improved Access

Did you know the average wait time to see a psychiatrist is 2-3 months? Let us help your employees with access in less than 1 week

On-site Assessments

Envision ADHD can ease the burden of travel for testing and evaluations by creating on-site clinics to fit your employees needs

Convienent Care

Utilizing video-based care and full electronic prescribing capabilities, employees will be free from commuting to the physician's office for follow-up care and managing paper prescriptions

No Cost to Employer
Save $50/mo on "Ongoing Treatment Membership"
($199/mo reduced to $149/mo)

Please contact us below to see how Envision ADHD may best fit your employee needs

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