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Sample EHR Requirements Checklist

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Things I look for myself when evaluating new software

(make a copy to edit and make your own)

While trialing, I will always:

  1. Walk through each and every available setting to learn what is possible and trial setting up a test practice/patient

  2. use a dummy email to create a new patient and walk through what things look like from both physician and patient side

  • These are not recommendations for everyone, just a run through of what I personally look for to best fit my particular needs

My must haves (can and should very for everyone):


  • Transparent pricing on website (not after a “demo”)

  • BAA for HIPAA compliance

  • Ability to open new patient chart as new tab

*if you are told "it is on our roadmap", do not expect to have this feature in anytime soon


  • 2-way Google calendar sync

  • Patient online self scheduling

  • Automatic and customized form sending by appt type

  • Ability to allow certain appt types on certain days

  • Schedule landing page > embedded website scheduler

  • Patient email and ideally SMS reminders (ability to customize these)

  • Patients able to cancel or reschedule themselves via portal or app


  • Easily build/edit your own (I.e. google forms, survey monkey) (They “do it for you” = run the other way)

  • Capturer signature for consents

  • Some form of data mapping for form data = note template

  • Ability to choose which forms which with appt type to auto send

  • Rich text editor for ability to hyperlink within a form so patients can easily click on links if needed.

Note Templates:

  • Easily create/edit templates

  • Map patient generated form data

  • Repeat prior data (and ideally along with new form data)

  • Ideally manage meds, labs, supplements, coding in encounter

  • Easily share a portion of your note to the patient portal (instructions)


  • Stripe integration for me (I am ok with managing on stripe dashboard)

  • Way for patient to update credit card on file

  • Ability to share a “super bill” for visits

  • Option to charge or collect CC when patients schedule


  • Ideally Zoom integration (with your own account) so you can utilize one static link to your waiting room.

  • Screen share + white boarding

  • Tele link easily available on their portal/app and email/sms reminders (if editable, can hyperlink your own zoom waiting room link)

Patient Portal:

Patient able to:

  • Self schedule/reschedule/cancel

  • Message (threaded ideally)

  • See shared sections of notes (visit summaries/instructions)

  • Update their CC on file directly

  • Easily complete forms/consents/questionnaires

  • Be notified of new items or things to complete

  • Launch Tele from scheduled appts

  • Mobile responsive (easy to navigate from mobile browser without horizontal scrolling or having to zoom in /out

Patient dedicated app ideally

  • Push notifications

  • Ability to do the same things as above

Nice to haves:

  • Zoom integration for tele

  • Stripe integration for billing

  • EPCS (otherwise I still use RCOPIA externally)

  • Fullscript/Wellevevate integration for supplement refs

  • Lab integration (otherwise still use external ordering)

  • Patient app with push notifications and facial ID login

  • Ability to run calculations on form data (I.e. sum to calculate rating scale scores and then be able to map to chart/note template)

  • Rich text editing in as many sections as possible to make things standout better and for easy Hyperlinking

Things I personally don’t care about:

a. Company selected user reviews/shills

B. Having to schedule a demo to actually see the product

C. “Psychiatry specific” - Well designed software that focuses on customization and workflow trumps any given “specialty specific” one size fits all approach

D. Generic descriptions of features without any video or at least screen shot to back this up.

E. Personally, if I see any large institution or hospital system listed or their logo affiliated with the product I can assume that this product is not for me and I will be ripped off and my time wasted looking any further

F. Anything about “they will create your forms for you” and not you as the user being in control. Much more time and $ efficient when you can be in control of such things. No one knows better what you are looking for than yourself.

When actively trialing:

A. Go immediately to the “settings” section and walk through each and every one of them as if you were setting up a practice to learn what is possible and how features may work.

B. Use a dummy email to set yourself up as a patient and walk through things from the patient perspective.

  • how do emails received look

  • What can you do on the patient portal

  • How do forms/consents/messaging/scheduling look (will have to set some of these up first)

C. Once your “dummy patient” schedules and completes given forms/questionnaires/etc, how do they look on the practice side.

D. How would you:

  • Search for and find a new patient (do they open “in line” or “in a new tab”?)

  • Start an encounter

  • Utilize the form data in your note template

  • Order medications/labs/etc if doing so in the EHR and not separately

  • Clean up your screens to remove items that are not of use to you

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