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Sample Report - click here to view a sample report


Order and complete a neuropsych battery of tests and ADHD specific questions from the comfort of your own home.   Upon completion, you will be able to view how your data compares to your age matched peers and if any cognitive domains may show differentiation from your peers.


This assessment looks at questions specific to ADHD in multiple areas of life and the following cognitive domains:



Working Memory

Short Term Memory

Focused Attention


Visual Perception

(also included coordination, but I personlly do not find utility in this)


The testing itself is not diagnostic of ADHD but can  be helpful in the evaluation process with a qualified healthcare professional as an objective measurement of cognitive domains that may or may not be consistent with other findings from your overall evaluation.   Repeating the testing may be helpful in monitoring treatment efficacy over time as improvements may likely be seen following various treatments.

Online Cognitive Testing

$49.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
  • Once ordered,  Dr. Behrens will create an account for you at the discounted rate and you will then receive an email with the link to setup your account using the email used when ordering.   Your report will then be made available to you by Dr. Behrens in pdf format once available.

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